Release History

v2.0.0 (The Sophtware Slump)

January 2021 – Overhauled, too many improvements to name. Cross-platform coming soon.

v0.9.11 (The Tyranny of Distance)

December 2019 – Ignore "about:" references, altered net timeout default.

v0.9.10 (Left and Leaving)

September 2019 – Fixed issues related to lost internet connection during crawl.

v0.9.9 (Good Morning Spider)

September 2019 – Fixed crash on malformed headers.

v0.9.8 (This is Hardcore)

July 2019 – Removed incognito limitations of personal edition.

v0.9.7 (OK Computer)

June 2019 – Improved back navigation and miscellaneous bug fixes.

v0.9.6 (High/Low)

June 2019 – UI updates, added suport for <base> tag, added support for full-text searching of css and js, fixed score submission errors.

v0.9.5 (Wowee Zowee)

April 2019 – Improved minimized window handling, added fix marking..

v0.9.4 (Teenager of the Year)

April 2019 – Improved full text search.

v0.9.3 (Siamese Dream)

March 2019 – Expanded coverage of HTTP error codes.

v0.9.2 (That What is Not)

March 2019 – Fixed score integer overflow and missing project icon issues.

v0.9.1 (Trompe le Monde)

March 2019 – Bug fixes and polish. Minimum Windows build is now 1803.

v0.9.0 (Viva Dead Ponies)

February 2019 – Performance improvements in search and detail views.

v0.8.8 (Nothing Shocking)

December 2018 – Added options page and fixes.

v0.8.7 (Diesel and Dust)

July 2018 – SQL tuning and fixes.

v0.8.6 (So)

June 2018 – Performance update for post-crawl database processing.

v0.8.5 (Power Windows)

June 2018 – Fixed crash when pausing crawl, ignore mailto references.

v0.8.4 (Reckless)

June 2018 – Performance enhancements and fixes.

v0.8.3 (Syncronicity)

June 2018 – Added export, search help, and miscellaneous fixes.

v0.8.2 (Thriller)

June 2018 – Initial release to Windows Store.