InterroBot: Webmaster Tools on Demand

Website status and content auditing has never been easier. Crawl your site, on demand, and use the index to identify issues, locate dependencies, and remove outdated content references.

InterroBot is a combination website crawler, search engine, and document link analysis tool. Whether you're looking for a reference in the body, the HTTP headers, or a specific status code—you're covered.

Tens of people use InterroBot, millions wish they knew about it.

Try InterroBot for Free

InterroBot requires a system running Windows 10 x64.

Whether you download Personal Edition or trial the Windows Store Edition, you can take InterroBot for a spin, free of charge. After a trial period of 30 days, the Windows Store edition is required for commercial use. The Personal Edition is free for non-commercial use for as long as you wish.

Proprietors making less than $80,000 USD annually in gross receipts are exempt.