The Multitool for Website Maintainers

InterroBot combines a personal web crawler with powerful search and document analysis tools.

Whether you're looking for a snippet of text in the body of your target webpages, the HTTP headers, or a specific http status code—InterroBot will help you track it down.

InterroBot can be used to preemptively clean up link rot, or as a just-in-time means of filtering pages and web assets against metadata inaccessible to a mere Google search.

Try InterroBot for Free

InterroBot requires a system running Windows 10 x64.

Whether you download Personal Edition or trial the Windows Store Edition, you can take InterroBot for a spin, free of charge. After a trial period of 30 days, the Windows Store edition is required for commercial use. The Personal Edition is free for non-commercial use for as long as you wish.

Proprietors making less than $80,000 USD annually in gross receipts are exempt.