Privacy Policy

Information Collected (v2.4.1+)

Personally identifiable information (PII), as defined by NIST Special Publication 800-122, is not transmitted by this desktop application.

Crash and install telemetry, as well as software licensing is captured by the Microsoft Store. InterroBot is unable to resolve this information to you as an individual. Unhandled exceptions that occur while using InterroBot (aka "crashes") may log an error to an API, these stack traces include information about where, within the program, the crash occurred. No user information is collected with these requests.

The website tracks usage analytics using Matomos, a self hosted analytics platform. The statistics collected include pages visited, time on page, browser version, and more. Your email address will be transmitted when using the email-based contact form.

In addition to analytics, uses conversion tracking for paid advertising. This advertising is managed by Microsoft Advertising and/or Google Ads, and will adhere to their respective privacy policies.

Updates to this Privacy Statement

The developer may make changes to this privacy statement at any time. If, in the future, InterroBot were to transmit PII over a network, the version number for the application would be be changed, and this privacy policy updated.

Ben Caulfield, Pragmar LLC
September 15th, 2023