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With InterroBot, full-text searching answers a lot of questions. The full-text index captures the HTML in its entirety—the contents of the page, elements, attributes, meta tags—all of it. This is especially useful when attempting to query for usage of a particular file, or pattern in the HTML.

You can filter by:

  • page text
  • image filenames and alt-text
  • linked filenames (CSS, JS, etc.)
  • HTML element names, attribute names/values (classnames!)
  • SEO keywords

For the developer or CMS administrator, full-text search is how you can turn a vaguely documented issue into a clear target. On the developer end, it's nice to have confidence when retiring a CSS or JavaScript file, that it is no longer being loaded via a link or script element. For the CMS admin, it affords conveniences... providing quick validation that all instances of someone's name have been changed, for example.

All of this in full-text search, just type into the search form and the results will be auto-populated.

Querying against the full-text index, insights abound.

InterroBot is a web crawler and devtool for Windows and Android.
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