Webmaster Tools on Demand

InterroBot® combines a web crawler with search to help you get answers to just what the heck is going on with your website.

Whether you're looking for a snippet of text in the body of your target webpages, the HTTP headers, or a specific HTTP status code—InterroBot will help you track it down.

InterroBot is used to clean up link rot, in administering CMS, SEO, and as dev-tool for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Try InterroBot for Free

With the Personal Edition (Windows x64) download, you can trial all InterroBot features, free for 14 days. InterroBot will continue to run as Personal Edition at the conclusion of the trial. When you're ready to buy, we offer low-hassle, subscription-free, single user licensing with a year's worth of upgrades. Like olden days!

InterroBot requires Windows 10/11 x64.

InterroBot Help

Abstract HTML/node graph.

Web Developers

Search beyond the keywords. InterroBot filters CSS class, JavaScript and image src usage, HTTP headers, errors, download size, response times, and more...

CMS Administrators

Settle into a new paradigm—website omniscience. Solve vague end-user reports with InterroBot search. Never miss a reference update again.

SEO Specialists

Comprehensive search smokes out HTTP errors, redirection, and keyword coverage issues negatively affecting SERP-standing.