Version 2.6.4 Released

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InterroBot 2.6.4 brings the power of InterroBot Desktop to macOS. The cross-platform march of progress continues, with InterroBot now on three of the biggest platforms in the world (Windows, Android, macOS).

Please note that this version is available outside of the store, and requires special install instructions. I will be attempting to bring InterroBot to the App Store in the coming weeks, and of course, look for InterroBot on iOS soon after.

In addition to the introduction of macOS support, improvements have been made across all platforms.

  • more responsive crawler pause handling to cancel open requests rather than allowing them to complete
  • fixed visual glitch in document view when only one asset existed, while navigating documents

InterroBot is a web crawler and devtool for Windows and Android.
Want to learn more? Check out our help section or download the latest build.