Version 2.0 Released

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Version 2.0 of InterroBot has been released. This is the best version yet. Crawler disk usage has been reduced, and many performance optimizations put in place.

A software rewrite has taken place that, at some point, will help in shipping a cross-platform client.

Sadly, some features were lost. Let me explain.

The leaderboards, which were featured prominently in version 0.9x have been removed. They were a bad idea, and I understand this now. This concept failed because the "opt-in" nature led to exactly 0 users opting in. I made them opt-in so as to not leak your data unexpectedly. A responsible move, sure, but also a death knell. These leaderboards were only ever going to work if a large data source were amassed. I wish the feature only the best in its retirement.

Search has been altered, and the old field search documentation rolled into an autosuggest drop down. I believe it works better this way. From the search field focused, it can be initiated with Ctrl+Spacebar or by removing, then restoring focus to the empty search input.

The left/right panel widths are now adjustable by dragging on the zone where they meet. This had always bothered me, and it's finally addressed.

The color theme is more muted. It was too loud before.

Whether you love or hate the new version, feel free to send me a note in-app—contact form is under the options page.