Version 2.4.0 Released

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InterroBot 2.4.0 introduces these exciting features:

  • JavaScript crawling (optional)
  • quick export any search result set into a spreadsheet (*.xlsx or *.csv)
  • per-project crawl settings
  • custom request headers (User-Agent, Authorization, X-Auth-Token)
  • user-defined norobots (avoid specific directories/extensions)
  • file-picker integration for generated/exported files

For you user-agent switchers out there, you have my buddy Ray Jenkins to thank--"People are going to want to change that," the man speaks truth.

All these features are available to trial now, for free.

If you are using the Windows Store Edition, you can find the upgrade there. Personal Edition users can download and run the new installer over an existing install, the installer will handle the upgrade automatically.

As always, feel free to contact me (the dev) through the feedback form, in-app, if you have thoughts on the direction of the software.

InterroBot is a web crawler and devtool for Windows and Android.
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