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Options are where all the global settings/preferences reside. You can navigate to options by clicking the cog icon at the lower left hand side of the application.

Dark Mode

It's true. As of version 2.3, InterroBot has an option for light/dark mode. How many crawlers can say that?

Turning on dark mode.

Crawler Options

Crawl Delay. Delay in seconds before resuming crawl after processing a page. Lower allows for a faster crawl, at the expense of placing more stress on the server. Default is 0.

Network Timeout. Network response in seconds before giving up on request. Increasing the timeout will allow for capturing slow responses, but can significantly slow the crawler. Default is 15.

Download Assets Without Content-Length. Whether to GET media BLOBs (video, audio, image, etc.) without a content-length header supplied. True will allow for accurate resource size data, but can significantly slow the crawler. Default is off.

Crawler Data API

Crawler data is provided via a JSON REST API (Application Programming Interface). An endpoint is provided, in-app, on the options page. It should be noted that the full-text field contains minor (HTML) and major (PDF/DOCX) modifications to the text to facilitate search. Whether HTML, PDF or a Word document, the contents should be used with this in mind.

Database Management

Export Database. Exports the existing database to a sqlite3 binary to the user's downloads directory. The exported file can be loaded back into InterroBot later, or shared.

Load Database. Overwrites the current database with the loaded database. This operation is destructive. Consider exporting the existing database before the overwrite if you'll need it later.

Compress Database. Issues a SQL VACUUM command to remove unused database from disk. This is a database-blocking operation and will render InterroBot unresponsive for a time (longer than you think). Let it do its thing, and avoid any temptation to close the app during this operation.